Bombs and Gongs Illustrated

I’m honored to be published in Issue 7 of Artisan Magazine. The article, Refashioning the Instruments of War, is based on “Bombs and Gongs,” a post I wrote after visiting a traditional metalsmith outside of Hoi An. Tuan crafts gongs using the same methods his family has employed for the past 400 years, except his source metal is exploded American munitions.

I’m particularly thrilled because the good people of Artisan decided to illustrate the article, and the results are fantastic. I had no idea they were going to do this; when I opened the piece for the first time and saw how Ken Chung had turned my photography into a colorful animation, I was blown away.

Be sure to download the issue on the iPad to see the full animation. In the meantime, here are the illustrations:

Courtesy of Artisan Magazine, Issue 7
Courtesy of Artisan Magazine, Issue 7

And here are the original photos:


Thank you Artisan and Ken Chung!


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